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Nokia E80

The Nokia E90 was launched at 3GSM in February 2007; at this time a more compact, feature reduced, version of the E90 was expected to follow, however it has not as yet been announced (Dec 2008).

There were rumours that the E80 may be announced at Nokia World event in Barcelona (2/3 Dec 2008), alongside the Nokia E75, Nokia were keeping at least one device tightly under wraps for this event.

Scoble's assertion that "only a handful of people have seen the new device they’ll be announcing on Wednesday", is very interesting and quite unusual for Nokia. However, the device announced was the Nokia N97 and not the E80.

There are still rumours of a business oriented communicator to be announced at MWC in Feb 2009, this device would be the much rumoured Eseries variant (code named eitri) of the recently launched Nokia N97. A side-sliding communicator-like device, it may be badged as a Nokia E77 rather than E80.

Initial Speculation (Early 2007)

The speculation below was prior to the Nokia E90 launch, when a pair of communicators were expected, it's interesting from a historical perspective, but rather inaccurate.

There are rumours of a Nokia E80 (and E90) as communicator format Eseries devices on the Telefon-Treff forums here and here, but the E80 (if it comes to fruition) has not formally announced yet.

Here's some food for thought from some very well informed commentators, much refers to the now released E90:

In summary it appears that there are protoypes of an S60 based communicator floating around, and some lucky folks got to see these at The Smartphone Show 2006. Given that the specifications appear to be similar in many ways to those of the Nokia N95 I would not expect the E80 or E90 to ship before the N95, perhaps Q2 2007. Many of the rumours are speculating about an 800x352 screen, which would be very nice and not unlike Nokia's experiments on the 7700, 7710, and 770.

There are plenty of other Specific Phones in the S60, Nokia Eseries, and Nokia Nseries ranges, some of which aren't Vapour Ware.

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